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[2024 Review] The Best App to Catch a Cheater

Updated 06.19.24

Around 70% of people admit to cheating in a relationship. Don’t become just another statistic. Uncover their deceit by using an app to catch a cheater.

Do you suspect your partner is unfaithful but lack evidence to confirm your suspicions?

There’s one place to be sure to look: their cell phone phone. Almost all smartphones store footprints of our private lives, from secret chats to recently visited places. 

That’s why the most telling sign of cheating often relates to secrecy about digital activities.

Yet, if your husband or wife thinks to cover their tracks, you have a key to their shady secrets – the best app to catch a cheater. Not just one, but ten advanced solutions with cutting-edge functions designed to help you catch them in the act.

10 Apps For Catching A Cheater 2024

Here’s my rating of the most effective apps for catching a cheater:

  1. Haqerra
  2. mSpy
  3. Eyezy
  4. Moniterro
  5. Spynger
  6. Spyic
  7. UMobix
  8. Spyera
  9. Hoverwatch
  10. XNSPY

My Top 5 Recommendations:

• SMS monitoring• GPS tracker• Screen recorder• Keylogger• Activity analyzer• GPS tracker• Geofencing• Keylogger• Social media tracker• Browser history   analyzer• SMS and call monitoring• GPS tracker• Message tracker• Password cracker• Photo & video monitoring
Price: $10/monthPrice: $11.66/monthPrice: $7.99/monthPrice: $9.71/monthPrice: $10.83/month
Support: Live 24/7Support: Live 24/7Support: Live 24/7Support: Live 24/7Support: Live 24/7
Compatible devices: iOS and AndroidCompatible devices: iOS and AndroidCompatible devices: iOS and AndroidCompatible devices: iOS and AndroidCompatible devices: iOS and Android

Let’s look at each app to catch a cheater in detail.

1. Haqerra


Haqerra tops my list of the most powerful apps for catching a cheater. It works perfectly with Android and iOS devices and can be installed within 5 minutes. Once Haquerra is up and running, it continuously transfers data from your spouse’s сell phone to a web-based control panel, providing the information you need to confront them.

Even though Haqerra tracks every single bit of data in real time, you don’t need to worry about getting caught. It doesn’t slow down the target device and remains invisible on Settings.

Key Features:

  • Screen Recorder
  • GPS Tracker
  • SMS Tracker
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Keylogger
Runs secretly on your spouse’s device.I’m still searching for one.
Simple to install and user-friendly. For assistance with configuration, the live customer support team is available 24/7.
Tracks online and offline data, from social media activity to phone calls.
Captures screenshots at short intervals in real-time.
Monitors the target device’s location without delays.

Price: $10/month.

2. mSpy


Catching a cheater means you’ve got to play detective a bit. mSpy app does this job for you, analyzing your partner’s activity patterns. Equipped with smart tracking tools, it can determine who your boyfriend calls most frequently, how often he visits particular websites, and even monitor recent locations. All left for you is to access the daily reports mSpy sends to your personalized dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Keylogger
  • Calls analyzer
  • SMS monitoring
  • GPS tracker
  • Browser history monitoring
Helps you to interpret data collected data effortlessly.Intuitive but a bit old-fashioned interface.
Tracks calls and messages with numbers and timestamps.
Allows you to access chats on social media and dating apps.
Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

Price: $11.66/month

3. Eyezy


Eyezy stands out as the best app to catch a cheater in the act. Your only task is to set up a list of keywords that trigger Eyezy’s notification system. Each time your boyfriend enters specific phrases, like his ex’s name or the name of a dating site, you’ll get an alert. GPS tracking tool works in a similar way. You can draw virtual zones on a map and be notified whenever your partner crosses the boundaries.

Key Features:

  • Geofencing
  • Keylogger
  • Social media tracker
  • Instant messengers monitoring
  • Calendar logs and notes tracking
Instantly sends a notification whenever changes on the target device occur.Multiple device tracking can be pricey
Pinpoints location with exact coordinates and address.
It is possible to install it on iOS devices remotely.
Tracks popular instant messengers on non-rooted Android devices.

Price: $7.99/month.

4. Moniterro

moniterro app

Moniterro ensures you won’t overlook your spouse’s affair. You will receive detailed records of their online activities, even if they turn on Incognito mode. The spy app to catch a cheater tracks browsing history, including most visited websites and bookmarks. The hidden connections will go unnoticed. You can read any messages they send or receive.

Key Features:

  • Browser history analyzer
  • GPS tracker
  • SMS and call monitoring
  • App tracker
  • WhatsApp and Facebook monitoring
You can access information secretly from any browser.Some advanced features require device rooting.
It lets you download screenshots of chats and media files.
Offers similar features set for Android and iOS devices.
Retrieves data even if your husband/wife enables VPN or incognito mode.

Price: $9.71/month

5. Spynger


The Spynger app to catch a cheating spouse promises to help users end drama in their relationships. True to its claims, Spynger gives you access to their media gallery, messengers, and GPS location in real time. Plus, thanks to its keylogging capabilities, you can get their login credentials for any website they visit.

Key Features:

  • Message tracker
  • Password cracker
  • Photo & video monitoring
  • GPS tracker
Allows you to enable Stealth Mode for secret monitoring.Customer service can be slower during peak hours.
Supports non-rooted devices.
Tracks chats across all messengers and apps, including deleted ones.
Frequently sends data updates.

Price: $10.83/month.

6. Spyic


If you’re husband or wife owns an Android phone, consider the Spyix catch a cheater app. It offers all the basic tools you’ll need to gather the facts and confront them. And just like other apps on my list, Spyix keeps things stealthy – it won’t pop up on the device’s home screen or settings.

Key Features:

  • SMS and call monitoring
  • Browsing activity tracker
  • Emails, notes, and app monitoring
  • GPS tracker
Offer clear and intuitive monitoring dashboard.iOS version has limited capabilities.
Works flawlessly on most Android devices.Subscription plans are higher than average.
GPS locator includes a geofencing tool.

Price: $14/month.

7. UMobix


Striving to win the title of the best spy app to catch a cheater, uMobix keeps rolling out regular software updates. Unlike the other apps I’ve mentioned, Umobix puts usefulness above numbers. It only gives you a few tools, but they’re the exact ones you need.

Key Features:

  • Calls and messages monitoring
  • GPS locator
  • Browsing activity monitoring
  • Online/offline status tracking
Tracks call and messages with time, duration, and numbers.Doesn’t have a built-in map for GPS tracking. To see the location pin, You have to open Google Maps
Displays chat history on social media in a chat-like format.iOS version tracks Facebook and Instagram only.
Notifies you when your boyfriend or girlfriend goes online.

Price: $12.63/month.

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8. Spyera


Using Spyera feels like you’re physically holding your partner’s cell phone. However, you don’t have to worry about getting caught. This app for catching cheaters offers a remote web-control panel that can connect to the devices your spouse uses the most, whether it’s a phone or tablet.

Key Features:

  • Call logging 
  • Chat tracking
  • App usage monitoring
  • Shared photos tracking
Lets you keep an eye on wive’s phone usage from any device.Installation is time-consuming. You might need to call for assistance to setup the app successfully.
Works with most smartphones and tablets.Customer support could be better.
You can uninstall it remotely.Gives you basic features, but the price tag is a bit high.

Price: $32.4/month.

9. Hoverwatch

hoverwatch app

Among the apps to catch a cheater, Hoverwatch is a perfect fit for basic phone monitoring. If your girlfriend believes she can stay under the radar by going offline, Hoverwatch ensures you’re always aware of any secret meetups she might plan.

Key Features:

  • Calls, contacts, and message monitoring
  • Calendar logs tracking
  • GPS Locator
Lets you see meetings on the calendar and provides the current GPS location.iOS feature set is limited compared to Android software.
Comes with a slick, easy-to-use interface for your Control Panel.GPS tracker may be inaccurate on older devices.
You can enable stealth mode for invisible tracking.You’ll need to root Android phone.

Price: $9.36/month.



If your tech skills are above average, the XNSPY app to catch a cheating spouse could be your reliable ally. Once you modify your spouse’s device settings, XNSPY will gather undeniable proof of any infidelity.

Key Features:

  • Social media and messenger tracking
  • Call and message monitoring
  • Voice recording
Secretly records surroundings to back up your suspicions about cheating.Advanced features like voice recording come with the most expensive package.
Regularly updates the software for free.Installation is complex. You’ll need to root or jailbreak the target device to make XNSPY work properly.
Supports phones and tablets.Data updates can be slow.

Price: $20/month.

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How to catch a cheater without their phone online?

All spy apps mentioned in the post require one-time physical access to your partner’s cell phone for installation. Once done, you can monitor their activity remotely.

Is it real to catch a cheater for free?

While some free spy apps do exist, I haven’t included them in the review due to the lack of a Hidden mode feature. To catch a cheater through phone hack secretly, consider any of the above-mentioned apps with a Hidden Mode option.

How to catch a cheater on Android?

Most apps for catching a cheater run on Android devices. Haqerra and mSpy offer the most extensive feature set designed specifically for Android phones.

How to catch a cheater who deleted everything?

You can record his password to iCloud storage or Google Drive using the keylogger-based spy app to catch a cheater. After, all that’s left is to recover deleted files and texts from the backup.

Can I catch a cheater on social media?

Sure! With spy apps to catch a cheater, you can read direct messages, even password-protected or deleted. We recommend Haqerra and Eyezy for this purpose.


Sometimes, we put off tackling problems in our relationships, especially when they’re as tough as suspected cheating. But you deserve to know what’s really going on when your partner’s behavior changes. You can pick any app to catch a cheater I’ve talked about here and get to the bottom of those late-night texts or the sudden business trips. 

For the best possible results, consider Haqerra or mSpy. Both of these apps have intuitive features and affordable price tags.

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