how cheaters hide their tracks

Discover How Cheaters Hide Their Tracks and How to Outsmart Them

Updated 06.19.24

Most married couples consider cheating to be the ultimate deal-breaker. Statistics show that 54% of couples in a committed relationship will break up once the truth of their infidelity comes to light. There are specific things cheaters say to hide affairs, most of which are pleasing to the ear.

Are you wondering how cheaters hide their tracks? This article explains some popular techniques they use to avoid getting discovered by their spouses.

What Constitutes Cheating?

Cheating refers to the deliberate act of violating your partner’s trust by sparking a romantic relationship or engaging in deceitful activities with another person. Cheaters will often provide absurd reasons as to why they’re having an affair ─ some will claim that their emotional needs were not met, while others will confess that temptation got the better of them.

Learning how cheaters hide their tracks on iPhone can help you ascertain whether or not your partner is cheating and how long the clandestine relationship has been going on.

8 Verified Ways Cheaters Hide Their Tracks

  1. Their devices are password-protected

Does your partner have an unlock passcode for every device they own? If yes, they probably have something to hide. Cheaters will frequently create new passwords to prevent you from accessing their phone. It’s not surprising, considering that all the evidence of their infidelity is contained in those nifty gadgets.

Asking a cheater for their phone’s password may likely stir up conflict ─ they could even accuse you of trying to invade their privacy.

  1. They withhold information

Another telltale sign that your significant other is cheating involves them controlling the information they share with you. They will cleverly respond to your protests and calm you down with assuring words whenever you raise valid concerns concerning their conduct.

Cheaters will explain how they utilized family money or why they got home late using succinct, well-orchestrated statements that raise more questions than answers.

  1. Some cheaters tend to overshare

On the flip side, some people have a proclivity to overshare whenever they feel threatened by their partners. This psychological trick involves disclosing almost everything you did throughout the day. As expected, cheaters will tweak certain details of their story in order for them to cover their tracks.

If you’ve been hiding things from your partner, chances are you’ll overshare to avoid raising their suspicion. However, this trait could indicate that you’re guilty of something.

  1. They use particular cheating codes

Going through your partner’s phone can provide ample proof of their unfaithfulness. When reading through his texts, check whether he uses codes, emojis, and slang terms such as DTF (Down To F*ck). Cheaters will use such hidden ciphers to conceal their messages, making it even harder to catch them.

Today, emojis contain secret meanings that are usually sexual in nature. Once you’ve learned how to decode these hidden codes and messages, you’ll be in a better position to know what your cheating partner discusses with his/her lover.

  1. They’ve installed Second Space on their phone

Second Space is a unique phone application that cheaters use to carefully cover their tracks. This app creates separate accounts on the same device, allowing users to protect their data from the prying eyes of unauthorized parties. Apart from creating a hidden folder, Second Space creates two distinct spaces on your phone to facilitate your secret life.

Learning how to hide cheating on iPhone is remarkably easy if you use Second Space. Your dishonorable activities will remain a secret as long as your partner doesn’t find out you’re using this app.

  1. Cheaters use manipulation to hide their tracks

For years, cheaters have been known to be master manipulators. They will exploit their partner’s vulnerabilities to keep them on edge at all times. For instance, they could accuse you of cheating despite having full knowledge that you’re faithful, just to distract you from their own infidelity.

Once cheaters are confronted with the truth, they’ll completely avoid owning up to their actions. Instead, they’ll tell you the things cheaters say to hide affairs, such as “It won’t happen again”.

  1. They follow a certain schedule religiously

Most cheaters have patterns and schedules they follow without fail. For instance, they’ll wake up very early for “work” and return home pretty late. When the weekend sets in, they’ll tell you about an urgent company workshop or retreat that they have to attend away from town.

Unfaithful people will also pay with cash when making purchases to avoid leaving a digital trail of their expenditures. In addition, they’ll avoid calling people by their names when engaging in phone conversations, especially when they have multiple love interests.

  1. They avoid getting naked in their partner’s resence

Can your partner undress in your presence? If not, they could be hiding some questionable body marks, such as hickeys and BDSM lashes. Such marks are easy to spot, even to the untrained eye. Cheaters will also delete their digital footprints to ensure you don’t figure out what they’re up to.

So, where do women hide things from their husbands? All the hard evidence is probably stored securely on their password-protected phones.

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Trying to catch a cheater can sometimes feel like you’re playing a game of cat and mouse. Hopefully, this article has elucidated how cheaters hide their tracks. Once you discover that your partner is cheating, it’s important to avoid acting in anger. Take time to figure out whether they’re truly worth spending your life with. This could even mean visiting a couple’s therapist in an attempt to rebuild your relationship from the ground up.

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