Hack Someone’s WhatsApp without Access to Their Phone

Hack Someone’s WhatsApp without Access to Their Phone – Is It Real?

Updated 06.19.24

With more than two billion global users, WhatsApp is currently the most popular messenger app in the market. It’s equipped with an assortment of useful features that include VoIP calls, video chats, and community announcements. However, some people utilize this app for all the wrong reasons: cheaters could exploit WhatsApp to converse with their clandestine lovers, while teenagers may use it for sexting.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to hack into someone’s WhatsApp without their phone.

Why Do You Need to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp?

You might be wondering: why would I need to hack another WhatsApp account? Well, there are several reasons that could prompt you to monitor another person’s WhatsApp account. These include:

  1. To Discover Whether Your Partner Is Cheating

If your partner starts exhibiting some telltale signs of cheating, you have every right to check his/her WhatsApp messages. Some of these indicators include a drastic wardrobe change, frequent white lies, weekend-long “work” trips, and suddenly becoming more secretive with their devices.

Impressively, you can retrieve their text with ease using some dedicated spy apps such as Haqerra.

  1. To Protect Your Kids from Online Dangers

Children today have become remarkably tech-savvy. Sadly, the online world is rife with thousands of swindlers, bullies, and child molesters who prey on unsuspecting individuals, leaving them with indelible scars.

The good news is you can learn how to hack a WhatsApp account without using the target phone ─ this knowledge will help you protect your kids more effectively.

  1. To Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Employees

If you own a business, keeping track of your employees should be the top priority. After all, you don’t want them using precious corporate resources to achieve their personal objectives. Installing tracking software on their work phones can help you monitor their online interactions discreetly.

  1. To Check if Your Teenagers Are Sexting

Sexting refers to sharing sexually explicit content via messenger apps such as WhatsApp. Apart from being morally inappropriate, sexting is illegal and could cause you to ruffle the feathers of law enforcement officers if left unchecked.

Using a reliable parental control app to hack WhatsApp messages online without a survey can help you to identify and curb any sexting incidents on your child’s device.

What Information Can You Get with Haqerra?

Haqerra is a revered monitoring app that allows users to hack any device within a short period. Apart from being incredibly easy to operate, this app uses a powerful code to retrieve any information you need from the target phone.

You’re probably thinking: how to hack someone’s WhatsApp without access to their phone? Well, apps such as Haqerra are designed to work in stealth mode to ensure that no trace of your tracking activities is left behind.

The info you can gather once you hack WhatsApp using Haqerra includes:

  • Private messages ─ You can view their full conversations on WhatsApp to get a clear picture of what your loved ones discuss with other people.
  • Shared images ─ If you’re interested in learning whether your kids share inappropriate photos with their friends, Haqerra can certainly come in handy. It displays any photos that your target user shared with others on WhatsApp.
  • Group chats ─ Apart from revealing their private convos, Haqerra also provides group chat details. With this information, you can quickly identify what type of content your loved one shares in WhatsApp forums.
  • Contacts ─ This app also delivers the contact data of every individual who’s on your target user’s WhatsApp list.

Haqerra can monitor other apps as well, providing information such as:

  • Call logs ─ You can conveniently view someone else’s call logs using Haqerra. This app will also display the caller’s identity, call duration, and timelines to give you the full picture.
  • GPS location ─ Users can track their loved ones’ precise GPS locations in real time and get prompt alerts whenever they enter or leave designated areas.
  • Browser history ─ How often has your partner been using his browser’s incognito mode? Haqerra can help you find out everything he/she searches on the web.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible to Hack WhatsApp Secretly?

Yes, it’s quite possible to monitor someone’s WhatsApp messages discreetly using a dependable tracking app. Haqerra allows you to view the details of their WhatsApp account while remaining completely invisible.

Can I Hack WhatsApp without Spyware?

It’s virtually impossible to hack other people’s WhatsApp accounts without using spyware. However, you can utilize a variety of non-tech methods to view their messages.

Can Someone Hack My WhatsApp without My Phone?

There are certain web-based algorithms that promise to hack other people’s WhatsApp without requiring physical access to the target device. However, these solutions are often unreliable and complex to operate. We recommend using a tried-and-tested app such as Haqerra to hack someone’s WhatsApp.

Is This Legal?

Tracking someone’s WhatsApp account is legal if you have their permission or if you own the phone in question. In addition, parents are legally permitted to monitor their children’s phones with a view to safeguarding them from online fraudsters.

How to Install Haqerra?

Installing Haqerra is easy. Simply visit https://haqerra.com/, purchase the app, follow the instructions sent to your email, and run the software.

Once you’ve learned how to hack WhatsApp from another phone, you’ll be spying on your loved one’s data in no time.


Learning how to hack someone’s WhatsApp without their phone for free can help you unearth whether they’re sharing offensive messages or having an affair. After months of trials and testing, I’ve found Haqerra to possess all the crucial features of a good tracking app.

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