How to Catch a Cheater Through Hacking Phone

How to Catch a Cheater Through Hacking Phone

Updated 06.19.24

The rates of divorce among married couples have skyrocketed dramatically in recent years. For instance, in the United States, about 50% of marriages end up in separation or divorce. Infidelity is arguably the biggest cause of break-ups today. Fortunately, hacking phone text messages and emails can help you ascertain whether or not your partner is having an affair.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best way to catch a cheater through hacking their phone.

5 Signs of Cheating to Pay Attention to

There are some particular signs that you’ll notice once your spouse starts cheating. These indicators include:

  1. Drastic Routine Change

As adults, we have specific schedules that we follow religiously. Any deviation from this routine could indicate a significant transition in our lives. If your spouse suddenly starts coming home late from work or spending weekends away from home, chances are they’re meeting another love interest behind your back.

  1. They Become Overprotective of Their Devices

Does your partner’s phone have an unlock passcode that you’re unaware of? If yes, you’ve got every reason to worry. People who set strong passwords on their devices usually have something sinister to hide ─ perhaps it’s a clandestine love affair that they’re desperately trying to conceal. The best way to retrieve cheating text messages is by using an intuitive tracking app that’s been tried and tested.

  1. Wardrobe Upgrades and Grooming Changes

You’ll also notice that cheaters will buy new clothes and alter their grooming habits in an attempt to woo their secret crush. Some people might even start hitting the gym or enroll in dance classes. It’s a psychological trigger that prompts them to look as appealing as they can. If your significant other starts exhibiting these telltale signs, then it might help to investigate further.

  1. Constant Lying

Cheaters will lie about almost everything: what they’re currently doing, who they met up with, and why they’re so late. Learning to spot your partner’s white lies can provide a general sense of whether they’re cheating. If they appear more secretive around you or nervous whenever you bring up certain topics, that’s a huge red flag.

  1. Unexplained Expenses and Money Issues

Have you been facing financial challenges recently? Maybe your partner’s mysterious spending habits have placed you between a rock and a hard place. If money suddenly starts becoming an issue and your spouse starts making unnecessary charges on your credit cards, then it’s possible they’re entertaining their secret lover. Luckily, you can use a catch a cheater app to obtain your partner’s private photos and texts.

How to Catch a Cheater by Hacking Their Phone

If you’d like to read a cheating spouse text messages and track their phone, these tips may come in handy:

  1. Try Recovering Their Deleted Texts

If your hubby is cheating, he will constantly delete any texts that could incriminate him. Impressively, you can retrieve all those deleted text messages by accessing his cloud backup storage. This option is available for both Apple and Android devices.

However, your partner must be connected to a cloud storage service for this solution to work. You could also utilize a dedicated recovery app to obtain their deleted messages. This software can be easily downloaded to your PC, and they offer both free and paid plans.

Sadly, you still need physical access to your spouse’s phone to recover their texts. There’s also the risk of getting caught while reading his messages.

  1. Go Through Your Partner’s Texts

An alternative technique involves gaining physical access to your spouse’s phone and scrolling through their messages discreetly. You can wait until they’re busy or distracted to grab their phone. Once you’ve unlocked it, check for some common cheating spouse text messages codes that include NSFS (Not Suitable For Spouse) and ASL (Age/Sex/Location).

Cheaters will use a variety of cryptic texts and hidden codes to converse with their secret lovers. Once you’re familiar with these ciphers, it’ll be remarkably easy to figure out what they’re trying to communicate. Unfortunately, this method is highly risky and requires prior knowledge of the target phone’s unlock password.

  1. Use Haqerra Message Spying App

Haqerra is a powerful phone monitoring app that allows users to hack any target device and retrieve all the data stored therein. This app is equipped with an array of helpful spy features that include:

  • Text message spy ─ Haqerra allows you to read all cheating texts that are stored on your partner’s phone. Apart from hacking their SMS messages, this app also retrieves texts, photos, and links that are shared on WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and similar messenger apps. All incoming, outgoing, and deleted messages will be made available once you install Haqerra on the device to be tracked.
  • GPS location tracker ─ You can conveniently watch your spouse’s movements on a map using Haqerra’s geolocation feature.
  • Gallery checker ─ Are you curious to discover suggestive photos of your significant other’s secret lover? This app can automatically display any pictures and videos that exist on his/her phone.
  • Browser history monitoring ─ Stay informed on all websites your partner visits (including those in incognito mode) to discover whether something fishy is going on.
Catch a Cheater Through Hacking Phone
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Once you’ve found your partner cheating, avoid confronting them with anger. Rather, take some time to heal and consider your options going forward. After conducting plenty of tests, we’ve discovered that the best way to catch a cheater through hacking a phone is by using a reliable, user-friendly hacking app such as Haqerra.

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