psychological tricks to catch a cheater

6 Unusual Psychological Tricks to Catch a Cheater

Updated 06.19.24

Like in any other relationship, you may experience ups and downs with your partner. But when cheating comes into the picture, it’s a twist you likely didn’t sign up for.

The truth about infidelity is that it doesn’t happen out of the blue. In fact, many people spot signs of emotional cheating early on but choose not to act on it. As a result, 70% of couples experience infidelity at least once in their lifetime.

So, being proactive can make all the difference if you want to protect your heart from a potential betrayal. I’ve got six unique psychological tricks to catch a cheater for you to try. 

They may not seem different from typical self-help tips, but based on my own experience, they work.

1. Monitor Changes in Technology Usage

One of the simplest ways how to trick wife to admit cheating involves something she carries with her all the time: her cell phone. If you notice that she’s using her phone more than usual and tends to hide her screen when you’re around, investigate further.

But hold on. Before you start snooping through her phone, weigh the potential risks carefully. You don’t want to get caught, right? For discreet and consistent monitoring, I recommend the Haqerra app. I used it on my ex’s phone when his behavior started to seem off. Once Haqerra was up and running, I checked his private messages, calls, and recent locations. 

One particular detail raised my suspicion, so I took a screenshot for later discussion. With this clever tactic, my ex had no grounds to accuse me of paranoia.

2. Invite Them Out Several Times

trick questions to catch a cheater

If your partner has met someone outside your relationship, their enthusiasm for spending time with you may quickly fade. One of the best psychological tricks to catch a cheater, in this case, is to ask them out for a day trip or something else they would enjoy.

If they happily agree with your idea, but then on day X, they do everything they can to cut your date short, it speaks volumes about their real feelings towards you. Bad days happen to all of us. I understand that. But if this pattern repeats several times, someone else provides the excitement they crave, and it’s definitely not you.

3. Check Them for Overcompensation

Being nice and generous is a standard for a healthy relationship. However, if your partner goes out of their way to fulfill your every whim, it may be a sign that they’re trying to make up for hidden guilt. 

So, what is the best way to catch a cheating spouse who is very clever? Here’s a trick: ask them nicely for a favor they’d typically refuse and observe their reaction. If they surprisingly agree, then you know something suspicious is going on.

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4. Get Closer to Their Friends

I like to call this strategy “the weakest link.” Instead of using trick questions to catch a cheater, spot the person within your partner’s friend circle who will most likely let something slip.

The key here is to gain this person’s trust before discussing your partner and their behavior. It’s all about keeping things casual and natural.

For instance, you might ask:

  • Are you tired of your new project at work? X told me they’re hiring new people for it.
  • Have you been spending more time with X lately? X said you’re like family to him/her.

5. Pretend You Know More Than You Do

The first rule of any liar is to radiate confidence, especially when ерушк partner tries to discuss relationship concerns. Believe me, deep down, they might be trembling with fear of getting caught.

So, why not try using trick questions to ask your girlfriend to see if she’s cheating? Here are some ideas:

  • I saw a notification late at night from X on your phone. Who is that?
  • Yesterday, I drove past the cafe X and saw you there. Was it a business lunch with your new coworker?

It’s best if you have solid evidence before asking trick questions to catch a cheater. For instance, I used Haqerra’s location-tracking tool. Results? He was at a bar after work. What did I do next? I’ll share that in the next section.

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6. Test Their Reaction to Unexpected Surprises

At any time of day or night, surprise visits or little gifts from our loved ones always fill our hearts with joy. It’s not the case for cheaters, though. If you show up after work to bring them dinner, they may seem nervous or disinterested.

In some cases, you might even uncover the reason behind their behavior. Speaking of my past relationship, I came to the bar where he was out hanging out on Friday evening. My worst fear became a reality when I found out he wasn’t alone. Naturally, he tried to gaslight me, but I had a recording of his location history.

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