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Calls and Contacts

View the entire contact list, as well as the history of incoming and outgoing calls. Missed calls? Yes, you can see them as well.

GPS Location and Routes

Discover the precise location of the target phone at any moment you want. Get alerts when the target enters or leaves a designated area. Need more? The past routes are also available.

SMS and Messengers

Read all text messages in Whatsapp, Messenger, iMessage, Skype, Viber, Telegram, Line, and others. View them in a chat-like interface with names and timestamps.

Browser History and Bookmarks

It may seem browser history has nothing to tell you... Until you enter incognito mode. Find many unexpected facts there.

Photos and Videos

Any media. Even hidden or deleted

How to hack any mobile device:



Buy Haqerra app


Check your email for the download link and instructions


Run the software


Get access to any data you need

What devices can be hacked?

Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads. You run the app, and the code does the rest. No trace is left behind, so no one will know what you did. It's that simple.

Buy Haqerra app and hack any phone just in 10 minutes

Access their data all year round and stay ahead of the game. However, in most cases, 3 months are enough to get the truth.












1 month

of data

3 months

of data

12 months

of data


If any questions left

How to hack a Facebook account?

If you want to hack Facebook quickly and easily, just follow these steps. Firstly, create a Haqerra account and choose your subscription plan. Then open a download link on a target device. Once installation is completed, you can log into your online dashboard and monitor their activities from any Internet-connected device. This includes their messages, contacts, shared files, and even current GPS location!

How to hack someones Facebook with a phone number?

Generally, you can either guess their password or reset it. The latter option requires access to the target’s phone. But be careful: Facebook will alert the user immediately about any login attempts. If you want to hack Facebook profile, a tracking app like Haqerra is the best option. The security system can’t detect it, and you don’t need to enter any login credentials. Plus, this Facebook spy app is invisible on the target device, so you can access their data without raising any suspicion.

How to hack someones Facebook messenger app without installing software?

You can try to look through saved passwords on their PC or mobile device, or alternatively, you can hack Facebook messenger with keylogger software. However, remember that these options are unreliable, and you can easily get caught. Instead, we recommend using a comprehensive Facebook hack app Haqerra. By installing it on the target’s device, you can access the chats and files remotely anytime.

How to hack someones Facebook account without changing the password online?

With Haqerra, you don’t have to change any passwords or craft phishing emails. The app runs a web-based algorithm, so you can access all the activities on the target device remotely. You can hack someones Facebook chats, view photos, track calls, and more without worrying about getting caught or leaving any trace behind. Plus, it is completely undetectable once installed.

What information can Facebook hacking apps access?

Basic Facebook hacking apps can track messages and related content such as photos, videos, or shared links. For more advanced monitoring capabilities, consider an advanced spying solution like Haqerra. This app offers comprehensive tracking features, so if you need to find their current GPS location or take screenshots, Haqerra has got you covered. Plus, it has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to find the information you need.

Is it legal to spy on Facebook messages?

Generally, it’s illegal to hack Facebook online without the user’s consent. However, if you’re a parent of underage children or a business owner, you may use Haqerra to monitor their profiles on Facebook. Our team advises you to acknowledge and comply with local regulations concerning online privacy to eliminate any risks. Remember that these regulations differ across countries and can vary in specific scenarios.

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