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Social MediaSocial Media

Social Media

View all activities on social media: friends, chats, comments, likes, shares, reposts.Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder - these are the most interesting social media networks.You can find a lot of secrets there. But if there are other social apps on the phone, you can also see their data.

Calls and Contacts

Calls and Contacts

View the entire contact list, as well as the history of incoming and outgoing calls. Deleted calls? Yes, you can see them as well.

GPS Location and Routes

GPS Location and Routes

You can view all locations and routes on the map. If GPS is enabled on your phone, you can view the route in real time.

SMS and Messengers

SMS and Messengers

You can see all sms and text messages in Whatsapp, Messenger, iMessage, Skype, Viber, Telegram, Line, and others. Sent, received, and even deleted messages are available.

Browser History and Bookmarks

Browser History and Bookmarks

It may seem that there is nothing interesting in the browser history... But if it's not incognito mode. You can find many unexpected things there.

Photos and Videos

Photos and Videos

Any media. Even hidden or deleted.

How to hack any mobile device:



Buy Haqerra app


Check your email for the download link and instructions


Run the software


Get access to any data you need

What phone can be hacked?What phone can be hacked?

What phone can be hacked?

Any Android, iPhone or iPad can. You run the app and the code does the rest. No trace is left behind, so no one will know what you did. It's as simple as that.

Buy Haqerra app and hack any phone just in 10 minutes

Access their data all year round and stay ahead of the game. However, in most cases, 3 months are enough to get the truth.


If any questions left

How to secretly screen record on iPhone?

Our spy screen tool is the perfect solution for iOS devices. Once you install Haqerra on the target device, the secret screen recorder will automatically capture screenshots within the set time frame and send them to your online dashboard. Simply create your account on the official website and pick a subscription plan that fits your needs. Then open a download link on the target device and follow the setup instructions. Now you can log into your online dashboard and use our spy app screen recorder.

How to install remote screen recorder app on Android?

Our remote screen recorder Android is extremely easy to set up and use. Go to our official website and sign up for an account. Then select a subscription plan that fits your needs and follow the download link provided in the email you receive after signing up. Open the link on the target device and install hidden screen recorder Haqerra. Now you are all set to monitor the target's activity via your online dashboard.

What can I do with the screen recorder spy app?

Hidden screen recorder app Haqerra captures screenshots within the set time frame and sends them to your online dashboard. This way, you can see secret chats on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media. Additionally, you can view hidden pictures, websites visited, files, and more. Moreover, with our secret screen recorder app, you can download the screenshots from your cloud account for offline access.

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